Newcastle’s property market is on everyone’s radar

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Newcastle NSW

Newcastle Beach

Newcastle’s property market is firmly on the radar for investors and home buyers alike, and why wouldn’t be? Newcastle has been the best kept secret in NSW for the last decade, but not anymore as an increasing number of research reports point to Newcastle and Lake Macaquarie as a great place to invest.

Newcastle’s property market gets the tick of approval in the lastest edition of the Australian Housing Outlook 2016-2019 prepared by BIS Shrapnel for QBE Insurance.  I am always greatly interested in this report because QBE is one of only 2 mortgage insurers in the country, so its in their interest to have their finger of the pulse.

BIS Shrapnel has been preparing this report for QBE since 2002 predicting what it believes will be the drivers of property markets around Australia.  In the last edition, they also compare their predictions against what has actually happened, which shows that generally they have been more cautions in their outlooks than what has actually occurred.

In the most recent edition the report predicts year on year growth of 4% per annum for the next three years for Newcastle.  If you would like to check out the report you can access it here: Australian Housing Outlook 2016-19.

Whilst the Australian Housing Outlook treats the Newcastle property market more generally, the Residex Top 100 Predictions report drills down to suburbs and in the most recent addition of this report Newcastle, Lake Macaquarie and Port Stephens suburbs are heavily represented with almost a quarter of the suburbs listed from our region. Whilst this report is not free if you are thinking of buying and want to know more about the potential of different areas than this report is a good starting point.  You can purchase it here: Residex

If you would like some information on sales information on a particular suburb please feel free to send me, Margaret Godfrey, Mortgage Broker Newcastle an email to and I will happily supply the information.




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