Offset Account. Do you really need one?

By Margaret | Oct 4, 2016

I often have clients who come to my office and tell me that they want a home loan with an offset account? When I ask why, most can’t really answer the question. For those that can, the answer usually has something to do with advice received at a BBQ. Banks, credit unions and building societies…

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Is your property portfolio finance a complicated mess?

By Margaret | Jun 20, 2016

Are you an investor with a property portfolio which looks simple yet everytime you want to do change something the task just seems enormous? Too often I see property portfolio‘s with finance structures, which on the surface look fantastic, but when you dig down a little, are a complicated mess. The mess usually originates from…

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Is it time to move the Govt out of Sydney?

By Margaret | May 3, 2016

Last night the ABC program Four Corners did a story on housing affordability which predominately looked at the afforability of housing in Sydney and Melbourne, and the battle of young people to buy a house in either of these capitals. Watching the story you may have believed that Sydney and Melbourne are the only two…

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Traps to look out for in off the plan purchases

By Margaret | Mar 29, 2016

This month the buyers of apartments in the Arena Apartment complex at 77 Shortland Esplanade Newcastle are taking ownership of their off the plan purchases. For many its been 2 years since they first signed up to buy the apartments and in that intervening period most have made themselves a nice capital gain. But undoubtedly…

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When it comes to property: Fear sells!

By Margaret | Feb 25, 2016

Maybe it is just my imagination but it seems that Australia’s media has become more sensationalist over the last decade. Take for example the Australian residential property market. Had you listened to many of the media’s “talking heads”, you would have jumped out of the market 10 years ago. That may not have been good…

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Planning for the Hunter region

By Margaret | Nov 27, 2015

Last night I heard something on the news about Hunter City. I thought, Hunter City, what’s that? Having missed what NBN was saying, this morning I went looking to find out just what Hunter City is/was/going to be and I found my answer on the NSW Department of Planning Website in the form of a…

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Bank bank mortgages vs the smaller lenders

Big bank mortgages vs the smaller lenders

By Holly Martin | Nov 18, 2015

I was recently asked to provide some perspective on whether to use the Big 4 for your home loan, or a smaller lender, by online news outlet The New Daily. Like most things there is no clear-cut answer as it all depends on your circumstances! You always need to consider your own requirements and what…

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Newcastle Herald

Foreign investment in property may be closer to home than you think

By Margaret | Sep 22, 2015

  Thanks to Yvonne Campbell from Newcastle Herald for my inclusion in her article Illegal buyers get brief amnesty 22 September 2015. Below is a bit more detail about FIRB. There has been a lot in the media about foreign investment in property, but until recently this seemed like something that was only happening in Sydney or the…

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Interest Rates

Changes to the lending policy could mean better home loan rates

By Margaret | Sep 4, 2015

Over the past month there has been significant changes made to investment lending policy as lenders scramble to comply with the guidelines of APRA to get investment lending growth back to 10%. The biggest beneficiaries of these changes are home owners as lenders are not going all out for your business. Across the largest 15…

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