Newcastle Council property sell off

By Margaret | Aug 27, 2015

So last night I called into the Walkom auctions and what a night it was where Newcastle Council sold off excess properties. The auctions were conducted by Gavan Reynolds of Reynolds Auctions who through his humour coaxed every last cent out of the buyers there for each of the properties sold. It was great to…

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property buyer's agent

Why you could use a buyer’s agent

By Holly Martin | Aug 27, 2015

  Welcome to our guest blogger, Kylie Frearson, Director Property Solutions 101 Have you found yourself recently at another open house viewing with at least another 20 potential buyers, all aiming for the same property? Are you getting priced out at each and every auction you’ve attended? It’s hard work when you’ve been pre-approved for a loan,…

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Home Auctions

Sydney property market could drive investors to the Hunter region

By Margaret | Aug 24, 2015

Winter is in full swing and despite the cold winds that have blown across New South Wales and the heavy snow as low as 600 metres, this cold doesn’t seem to have slowed the Sydney property market. Domain recently reported a weekend clearance rate at auction of 79.7% – admittedly the lowest clearance rate recorded…

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Rydal Street New Lambton

What’s wrong with Rydal Street New Lambton?

By Margaret | Aug 22, 2015

Everyone wants to live in New Lambton, Don’t they? (Well unless they want to live in Merewether – which seems to be where lots of people aspire to live) And why not? New Lambton has a great reputation as a place to live. Its close to everything, it has great cafes, recreational facilities, pubs, schools…

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Buy, Renovate, Sell

Flipping: A Case Study of the costs

By Margaret | Aug 7, 2015

So last week I wrote a story about the flipping of a property in Adamstown – you can see it here. The article generated quiet a bit of conversation on my facebook page and it seems that the overwhelming majority thought was that the renovation was well done and that the property would probably sell…

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92 Date Street Adamstown

Property Flipping do the numbers really add up?

By Margaret | Aug 3, 2015

I love the Newcastle property market and I have a special interest in the suburb of Adamstown as it’s where I live. We moved here in 2007 buying a deceased estate and renovated our house. Since then we have watched others buy into this suburb and do the same, although the opportunities to do this…

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Investment lending

Turbulence ahead for would be property investors

By Margaret | Jul 30, 2015

Well what a week it has been for investment lending! I am a little surprised that there is not more information in the media in relation to the changes being made, after all, property investing is a very hot topic of conversation at BBQs and dinner parties and most people who purchase investment properties are…

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interest rates mortgage

Don’t let interest rate talk scare you!

By Margaret | Jun 18, 2015

Since the last RBA decision to keep rates on hold (Tuesday, 2 June 2015), we have heard that the Australian economy has grown quite strongly over the first quarter of 2015. Strong economic growth, if sustained, could lead to an increase in rates. However, the ASX futures market, armed with these positive economic growth numbers,…

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Property Investment rates

Interest rates set to change for investors

By Margaret | Jun 5, 2015

So its been a big week in lending, especially for the investor market. Over the past few years the deals that people could access for purchasing an investment property were the same for people purchasing a home in which to live, but this is about to change. APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) is the regulator…

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