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The costs when buying a house

Have you been searching domain and, looking at houses, dreaming that you could buy one?  Have you wondered where it is that you start?  What steps you need to take to make it a reality? Whilst the tools to find the house have never been better, the process of actually buying a property can be…

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Av. Stamp Duty Bill hits $30,998

After reading the following newspaper headline on the 18th of December, “Property market gives NSW string of surpluses into future”, we did some research to find out exactly how much Stamp Duty the average property purchase is now forking out….. $30,998. We would all agree that this amount is both surprising and disappointing. The reason…

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How much does it actually cost to buy a house?

What does it actually cost to buy a house and move in? Buying a house is an expensive time in one’s life, and is usually the culmination of months and/or years of saving hard and going without to save the deposit. With recent changes to stamp duty concessions and first home buyer grants in NSW…

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