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The Block – Did anyone get a bargain?

Anybody who has every read my blog or followed me on twitter knows that I am an avid watcher of The Block and this season was no different.  For those that live in another universe and don’t watch commerical or free to air TV anymore last night was the series finale finishing with the auctions!…

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What did The Block challenge apartment sell for

So I admit it. I’m a ‘The Block’ tragic. I love it. So as I was watching the challenge apartment renovation this week I began wondering what happens to the challenge apartments. You don’t ever seem to hear anything about them. They are definitely not sold on auction night. So this week I made it…

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When Reality TV reflected Reality: The Block Auctions

Did you watch The Block Auctions? Did you see how disappointed the contestants were when their apartments failed to attain a premium price? The Block is reality TV and in reality the same scenario is played out every weekend across Australia, the difference is that it is not on national television for everyone to see.…

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