Why you could use a buyer’s agent

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property buyer's agent

Dale Slater (Buyer’s Agent), Kylie Frearson (Director, Buyer’s Agent), Justin Bunt (Director Property Management)


Welcome to our guest blogger, Kylie Frearson, Director Property Solutions 101

Have you found yourself recently at another open house viewing with at least another 20 potential buyers, all aiming for the same property?

Are you getting priced out at each and every auction you’ve attended?

It’s hard work when you’ve been pre-approved for a loan, yet you just can’t secure that property! With so much coverage in the news about the housing market lately you may feel like securing that property will just never happen.

This is where a buyer’s agent can really save you, not just by saving you money but also saving you time and stress.

What’s a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent is a newer concept when it comes to real estate and we are there just to support YOU, the buyer. Put simply, buyer’s agents save you time and money searching for your property needs whether you are a first homebuyer, down-sizing, up-sizing or a property investor.

We specialise in searching for, viewing, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on your behalf. We do not sell any real estate, ever, and great buyer’s agent must be 100% independent. Meaning we don’t accept any referral fees, especially when it comes to building inspectors, reports and pest inspectors. An independent buyer’s agent will only refer people because they are the very best in their area of expertise.

Just think about it, a professional hired to search and secure your ideal property. Someone who can view up to 30 properties a week, has a huge amount of local market knowledge, knows the flood zones, finds and recommends up and coming suburb ‘hot spots’, keeps their cool representing you at auctions, saves you from paying extra on an emotional impulse buy, plus organises all the settlement papers and understands the legal jargon.

We are here to provide you, the buyer, and a fair representation during the property transaction and settlement. We discover your essential criteria and then go out and find you the perfect property and we use our sharp negotiation skills to secure that property at a fair price.

We’ve worked with Margaret Godfrey on many occasions and have referred and received individuals for numerous client property transactions. The reason we have such success working with Margaret is that she looks at the whole financial picture and finds the best possible solution for each client. With Margaret working alongside our team at Property Solutions 101 there is a much greater chance of success for each our clients.

If you need some help getting into the property market or wanting to expand your property portfolio get in contact with our professional team at Property Solutions 101 and lets start taking steps towards your property dreams.

Contact Kylie Frearson on 0421 646 108 or contact@propertysolutons101.com.au

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As always, if you would like help with the finances around buying property perhaps it’s time to talk to Margaret Godfrey Mortgage Broker Newcastle.

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